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Story continues below advertisement "Longhouse Cedar Products was late on delivery of soffit wood material, it was returned back to Longhouse cedar due to inferior staining. It was explained to us that they had been having issues with the spray gun. We received the product back 8 weeks later with very little change in stain finish and colour. At time of delivery we were required to pay the last deposit of 50% which we regrettably did so. We then received our visa statement which showed they had added a further $7000 onto our bill for a cedar product that Longhouse assumed we were purchasing. This other product we had not looked at talked about or even decided we wanted to install on our home. We asked for our money back and they said the product was ready for us too pick up in there yard and it was a custom order so they wouldn't return the funds???? wtf............ This company is not someone you can do business with, in all my years of doing business I have never come across someone who is unbelievably rude, cheats there customers on initial order, adds a fake order and then makes up a series fake invoices to cover his lies. BEWARE and DON'T TRUST THEM. Both of the principals were in on this scam..... oh and by the way Brian showed up at my home unannounced so I presume he is going thru a list of new home starts list and finding his prey in this manner. This is the first negative review on a company I have ever done........"


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A qualifying bet is a 'real money' stake of at least £10. Customers can also gain the edge through their dedicated stats page that offers the most up-to-date data to help your next selection.

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online betting zambia, you won't need to worry about your money getting stolen - you just have to take the money and go. [Image] Promising review: "I have bought them

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Virtual sports are computer generated with the outcome of the game being random. If football fixtures are not your thing, players can place bets on an assortment of interesting sporting action like MMA, basketball, Tennis, cricket among others.


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